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The Nukeboard Partner Program is an opportunity for motivated individuals willing to solve Africa’s unemployment problems to achieve their dreams in partnership with Njorku. In this partnership, the partner gets to run digital job search and recruitment solutions for their community without the hurdles of investing in building the required technologies by themselves.

Njorku, ltd. is a technology company that creates HR solutions for Africa. Njorku has built a robust platform as a service called, with which a complete job site and an internet business can be launched within 5 minutes at zero extra cost.


The Nukeboard Partner Program is not for everyone. Only individuals and institutions who demonstrate interest in solving Africa’s unemployment problems will be accepted into the program. Such persons are willing to partner with Njorku and other stakeholders to discover and build sustainable and profitable ways to solving Africa’s unemployment problems in their communities.

The Nukeboard Partner Programs is for

- Tech or Social entrepreneurs who are looking for new ways to solve unemployment problems in their communities.
- HR professionals looking to start a job site like or add digital recruitment into their existing suite of offerings.
- Schools that are looking for ways to curate internship, volunteering, and entry level opportunities for students in their institutions.

What you get as a partner

Each member of the Nukeboard Partner Program gets a complete Jobsite / Recruitment Management Solution with;
- A top-level domain name (like ), or a nukeboard sub domain, or a subdomain to your existing domain
- A Complete designed and configured installation of your job site
- Mentoring on how to run a job site as an internet business
- On going technical support


1. You will never have to do anything technical.
2. You will have zero upfront financial investment
3. Partners who meet up with our “Partner Grant Program” criteria will have access to $600 in cash from Njorku to support them jumpstart their job site business.

What Njorku offers

To ensure a successful partnership, Njorku is responsible for the following in the Nukeboard Partner Program:

- Njorku will develop, maintain, and continuously improve Nukeboard with the features needed by jobsites and Recruitment Management Systems
- Njorku covers all cost of technical and design resources like domain name, web hosting, security certificates, themes and updates.
- Njorku sets up each partner’s complete jobsite installation and make it ready for business.
- Njorku is responsible for providing the technical and community support partners need to run their jobsites effectively.

Partner’s Responsibilities

In order to build a long lasting, beneficial, and sustainable relationship, the partner is responsible for:

1. Dutifully get jobs and relevant opportunities posted on his/her jobsite
2. Curate jobs posted on his/her platform to make sure all listed jobs are relevant to her audience and are not fake or fraudulent.
3. Look for ways to generate income needed to support his/her jobsite, so as to stay alive, remain sustainable and become profitable.
4. Reporting technical and user experience complaints to Njorku for support.
5. Report monthly returns made from the partnership to Njorku’s head office


For any questions, contact us at

You do not pay any money to become a partner. Joining is totally FREE
Any computer literate person can apply. You do not need an HRM degree or any other diploma. You just need to be smart and devoted
You do not need to have any hardcore ICT skills. We will do all the design and programming for you. Basic computer skills will be quite helpful.