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Intuitive admin panel

Easily manage your Job Board from your admin panel using the features available like home/dashboard where you post jobs and see all candidates, site configuration where you can update key words , track users using Google analytics. Here you manage all details concerning your job board.

Customized job board

With nukeboard you can customize your job board with up to five different themes, while being able to add which ever logo you decide for your job board. Customize all your job board settings.

Application tracking

Easily manage your jobboard from your admin panel using the features available, where you can post jobs, manage site configurations, view applicants and access cv database.

Mobile friendly

Nukeboard is mobile and tablet friendly . No separate app to worry about – our software uses the latest techniques to automatically resize for whatever screen size your audience visits on.

Secured database

With nukeboard you get secured online or cloud storage, it uses the latest technology in cloud computing security so you wouldn’t have to worry about losing your job listings.

SEO optimized

Nukeboard makes it easy to add additional content to your job board. All your blogs, custom pages and job listings are Search Engine Optimized, including proper semantic markup, automatic Sitemap generation, friendly URLs and more!

Why you will love

Nukeboard prioritizes user experience for all, and that includes the people who care about job boards the most: their owners and the people who manage them every day. We’ve given job board administrators the ability to manage their database of job seekers, track applications, and help connect employers to the right candidates.

Your site, Your brand, Your data

Nukeboard is fully branded to your business. You pick one of our beautifully clean, modern, and mobile-responsive designs and we’ll add your logos and images. Your customers and candidates will connect the value you deliver with your website and your brand. And all your data? You own it, not us.

Know your business, grow your business

Learn about your database of job seekers and employers, track applications, and help your customers connect with the right candidates through easy to use management tools. Nukeboard’s Analytics and Reports enable job board owners to gain a deep understanding of their business and the activity of their users and customers.

Engage! Engage! Engage!

We make it easy to keep candidates interested and engaged with real jobs from any backfill provider you’d like, and they can sign up for job alerts by email. Our award-winning candidate “sticky tools” keep them engaged and coming back for more. A powerful job board software also means you can create and edit even more content to attract candidates, including news feeds, static pages, and blogs.

Prompt setup

No code, no installation, no technical setup. There’s nothing to maintain, upgrade or update – we manage all the technical elements of your job board. Signup and launch your own fully featured niche job board in just 5 minutes with nukeboard.

What do we mean by 'job board' anyway?

At nukeboard, our definition of a “job board” is inclusive. A job board is any website that connects job seekers to employment opportunities. Businesses using job board solutions include job boards and career sites, professional associations, educational institutions, employment services, companies and publishers.

Why job seekers us

Every job board should be a true resource to job seekers, which is why with nukeboard job seekers are equipped with an all-in-one toolkit for searching and applying to jobs. We like to call these features “sticky tools” because they give job seekers reasons to return to your site and stick around. Yes, they are that awesome! Here’s some of what they get:

The job manager.

When you use nukeboard to create your job board, your applicants using your sit have the opportunity to track and sort opportunities from anywhere online, all from one location! With the Job Manager in your toolkit.

The profile

When you use nukeboard, applicants visiting your site are able to create profiles or online resumes. This helps job seekers to focus on their top skills and relevant experience hence show casing work experience through shareable content like web links.

And a lot more!

Using nukeboard to create your job board allows for jobs to be matched to job seekers based on their profile content and give them suggested job feed on their dashboard they also get to save multiple versions of their resumes and create and save cover letter.

Why employers us

Nukeboard’s tools for employers keeps things efficient and simple, so they can post, reach, and evaluate with ease.

Simple self-serve

It’s easy to create a branded and mobile-friendly job post, and keep track of jobs, candidates, and track cvs with nukeboard. We provide a self-serve platform where employers can buy the plan the want and manage their job themselves.

Reach candidates

Job posts are instantly suggested to suitable candidates all over the net, and prioritized listing options let employers increase their visibility. Employers can also track all their jobs and applicants from their admin panel.

Find and evaluate

Easy to read profiles and the applicant filter tool makes evaluating candidates a breeze. Nukeboard’s filter feature lets employers narrow down results to find the right people, such that they contact only candidates who are qualified for the job.

Unlimited web hosting

Every website needs to be hosted in order to be visible on the internet. Hosting is like your websites monthly rents, a place for it to live. Like a good or bad landlord, your host makes all the difference in your experience as a jobsite owner each month , with you get it for free and its unlimited