Your Business, Our Technology.

17 February, 2018


 "How can I start my own job site business?  What do I do to build my first job site?    How do I attract visitors to my site?   How do I attract my first paying client?"

 These are  a few of the questions i am often asked be it on social media, private massages, email or in person, 

I understand how frustrated people feel when they are starting a news business for the first time, honestly if i didn't know what i do today, i would be frustrated too!
When we were building Nukeboard, our main objective  was to build a  tool which will ease the method in which companies, human resource agencies recruit and also help individuals who want to start a job site but don't have the means to afford the necessary technology to do so. we  aimed at providing a tool that anyone  and everyone could use. Since that moment more than five job site owners ( our partners)  and four recruiters in Cameroon trust Nukeboard to power their job sites and   career sites.
Through out the past years we have  had amazing job sites like Akwajobs , Wikajobs , Bueajobs etc being powered by Nukeboard and are still growing till date, all the above job site owners spent no dime in building their sites but rather trusted our tool in starting their businesses in less than 5 mins.
Now because we have worked with  most  of the  job site owners , we have taken note of several principles if not all, that all  successful job sites  need to be trend setters in the job site industry in Cameroon . We are equipped with the knowledge and experience to better teach  you how to start and grow your own business with our tool and expertise. 
In the weeks ahead , we  will  share with you our observations and  hopefully help facilitate your job site business and help you know how to monetize your job site. 
So now that you know you can start up you own bushiness without spending a dime why not click this link  Your Business,Our technology and become our partner and make money from the comfort of your  home.
keep reading our blog and learn how to monetize your job site powered by Nukeboard, Africa's Premier Recruitment Solution.