10 January, 2018

Since the introduction of new technology, changes in the global economy and the rising needs of the employer, the methods of recruiting employees has changed significantly throughout the years.

Prior to the 1900’s all jobs were advertised on newspapers and the closest thing to a candidate base was a desktop card index and a pile of business cards. Fast forward a few decades and everything has been digitalised making the recruitment process quicker and more efficient than ever before.

So just how much have things changed in the world of recruitment ,since the channelling of private detectives in the 1940’s -1970’s to the dawn of the internet in the 1980’s- 1990’s to the rise of the digital generation in the  2000’s to present, from then till now paper resumes and phonebooks are a thing of the past. Everything now is done online, from the initial sourcing of candidates, to interviews, the whole recruitment process has been digitalised with large focus on social media, company career sites and online job boards. Nukeboard.co provides all of this on one platform.  

Now before you run out to buy a recruitment technology, think about examining your business model first, any technology you use needs to fit with your business model and the problem that it solves for your customers, so why not subscribe with us and enjoy all the benefits that come with using us, Nukeboard.co Africa’s Premier Recruitment Solution.